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Solve Your Manufacturing Challenges
Funded Grant Program

Do you want to improve your production, grow your sales, boost your workforce, put together a winning strategy, or develop leadership for the future?  Either way, this fully-funded opportunity was made just for you!
Car Factory

“Manufacturing represents the state’s largest industry when ranked by contribution to GDP and employs over 182,000 people. Cook County is proud to make this investment to support this critical industry.”

-Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle

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Choose a Category Below and Apply for Your Project

After listening to over 1000 Cook County Manufacturers, these are the top priorities identified.  With this grant, let's find you the solution that is developed just for your needs.  

Manufacturing Reinvented reimburses manufacturers for the implementation of projects designed to improve productivity, develop future leaders, train your workforce, and grow your business.

Improving Your Operations
(Operational Improvements)
Tools and resources to provide continuous flow of value to the customers and develop more efficient processes
Leading Your Company
(Leadership & Strategy)
Tools and resources to develop your current and future leaders with the skills they need to thrive.
Growing Your Business
(Sales & Marketing)
Tools and resources to achieve big growth objectives and diversify your customer base.
Focusing on People
(Workforce Training & Development)
Tools and resources to find, train, and retain the workforce built for your organizations future.

Tools & Resources

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